Date: Saturday June 1st, 2024

Time: General public 10am – 2pm

Location: Orem Police Private Shooting Range - Cascade Dr, Orem, UT (Orem east bench / approx. 1100 north)


General Public Entry Fee: $25 per attendee (10am-2pm)

General Public Register hereBUY TICKETS HERE

UT County Law Enforcement Entry Fee: $0 per attendee (law enforcement are exclusively invited to attend an early private session 8am-10am) - 



Event Details:  In connection with Orem Police Department, Silencer co, HuxWrx, Dead Air Silencers, CGS Suppressors, SureFire Suppressors, and Sig Sauer, we are excited to announce a rare event where you can shoot the latest and greatest most advanced suppressors outdoors in a close side by side comparison

  • Ready gunner has an indoor range, the sound reverberation and echo created with 12 inch thick concrete walls and steel plates don’t allow you to appreciate the technological advancements these companies have made in quieting the sound of a firearm.
  • This outdoor range has 10 lanes to provide many guns to be shot at similar times to showcase the broad variety of the suppressor makes and models.
  • This location of the range is the most convenient location in the entire valley.
  • We are limiting the public event to 225 people, this will allow those who attend to get through all of the vendors and have a chance to shoot all the guns and cans they want to get a firsthand experience.
  • You must purchase a ticket prior to attending, we anticipate this event will sell out due to the limited space and attendee count.
  • At the top of each hour 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm on Saturday June 1, we will select three random shooters to fire off a 30 round magazine of a 5.56 full auto suppressed AR-15 and a 30 round magazine of a full auto suppressed MP5.

What’s includes: 48 total rounds of ammo to shoot in the guns with the suppressor of your choice. 

  • 15 rounds - 9mm
  • 15 rounds - 5.56
  • 15 rounds - .22
  • 3 rounds - 300 blackout

*Depending on how busy the lines are and how much ammo we have, we may sell additional tickets on a first come, first serve basis. 

No additional gun or suppressor rental fees will be charged / Ready Gunner and/or our event partners will provide the Firearms, Suppressors and Ammo

Range Safety officers will be onsite on the firing line at all times

*It takes 1-2 rounds to fill the cans with enough gas for the technology of the suppressor to reduce the sound to its full capability, 3 rounds on each suppressor with each caliber will allow you to shoot 16 different cans in approximately one hour

Who’s coming: Companies that plan to attend and host their own booth:


What suppressors we will have to shoot* (makes and Models):

  • Silencer co.
  • Hux Wrx.
  • Dead Air Silencers.
  • CGS Suppressors.
  • Silencer Shop.
  • Allen Engineering.

*This list is subject to change, we don’t anticipate changes but the *is just in case. We will be expanding this list as vendors confirm availability. 

How will the firing line work: Each brand will have their own 1 or 2 lanes, a vendor rep or an Ready Gunner Rep will be at the table behind the lane where they will assist you in loading the magazines and can give you a brief about the suppressor and get you to the firing line. 

What not to bring:  Please DO NOT bring your own guns, or suppressors, the only guns that will be allowed to be shot will be those provided by ready gunner or the suppressor companies. 

What we will be shooting at: We plan to have paper targets.

Admission on Saturday June 1: We will have a registration list at the entrance gate with all attendees names on it. Our attendant will check you in, present you with a safety instructions and a liability waiver to sign, they will then provide you with 16 tickets (3 rounds each), tickets will be color coded for the caliber type.

Safety: Safety is an upmost concern, please abide by all the safety protocols and instruction while attending the event. There will be a Range Safety officer on the firing line at all times, all safety commands must be strictly adhered to.

Ticket confirmation: After completing your ticket order here, you will be redirected to a confirmation page acknowledging your purchase, you will also receive an email confirmation of your order to the email you provide at check out, you do not need to bring either of these with you as we will capture your ticket purchase and add it to our registration list that will be at the event.

Parking: There will be limited parking, there is a small parking lot at the base of the range, other parking is available on the road leading up to the range, please be mindful when parking as we expect a full house and will need to be respectful of the home and property owners in the area.


Concessions, Food, Drinks: There will be drinks, water bottles, soda and light snacks available for purchase at the event.

Where your ticket / entry fee will be donated to: 100% of the admission fee will be donated to the Orem Police Department Charity Organization that supports Orem and other Police departments. We asked the Department to describe where these funds will be going and this is their description of where these funds will be used.

"Funds raised will assist in sending Police Officers to surrounding state Line Of Duty Death funerals, National Police Week Memorial Services in Washington D.C. annually, honoring our Officers, and towards supporting LE- related benevolent causes." - Orem Police Department

We plan to present a check to the police department at the opening of the public event at 10.00am on June 1. If you, your company or organization want to join us in making an additional donation to the department, we are happy to include you in presenting additional monies to the department on June 1. The public is welcome to join us at 10am in expressing our appreciation for the departments service to our community. If 225 tickets are sold, our RG community will donate over $5000 to the department. (if you want to make additional donations, please email to coordinate the details)

Can you buy or order a Suppressor at the event: Suppressors require a lengthy purchase and registration process. Ready gunner can assist in initiating the order and registration process, but you will need to come into the store to advance the registration process. (Fingerprints, and tax stamp application)

We hope you will join us at what we hope turns out to be a fun, informative, educational and unique event, thank you to everyone who have continued to shop at the store, your support and business means more than you know.