Ready Gunner is home to Utah's premier indoor shooting range. Our tactical retrievers are the most engaging and robust target retrieval system on the market. They feature a modern, easy to use interface with 27 addicting games and training scenarios for all skill levels with the ability to run thousands of scenarios. These retrievers offer shooters an unparalleled experience. With 15 spacious lanes, a full time Range Safety Officer and observation area for guests, it's the perfect activity for the whole family.

Range Hours: Monday - Saturday - 9:00am - 8:30pm (Closed Sundays)

Range Pricing: 1st person - $10, Guest 1 - $8, Guest 2 - $8

You can bring your own firearm or you can rent from us. 

Single lane rental, max 3 people per lane.  

We do not allow shotguns, Green Tip, or black powder rounds as they damage our range. 

We also offer rounds for sale in store. 

Rental Gun Prices: *If you shoot our firearms you must purchase our rounds.

  • $15 - Single Rental
  • $25 - Unlimited Rentals. 

Special events: 

We offer a variety of special event options. Whether it be for a family party, social event or corporate event we have a lot of different options available.

If you would like more information or book the range and or classroom for a special event, please email luke@readygunner.com. We will make all the necessary arrangements. 


Unlimited Monthly Membership: $18.99 per month for unlimited shooting. Monthly subscription is billed monthly on day of sign up. Sale price is locked in as long as you keep your membership. No commitment or cancellation fee. Online payment covers the first 30 days of the membership. Waiver and billing information must be completed in-store within 30 days to guarantee sale price and membership.

Premium Range Membership: - PREMIUM RANGE MEMBERSHIP

    Corporate Memberships: - CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPS

    *Does not include eye protection, ear protection, rounds, targets, or rental guns. *Those must be purchased separately if needed.
    *Billed monthly on day of sign up. 
    *Price is locked in as long as you keep you membership. 
    *No commitment or cancellation fee. 
    *Waiver & billing information must be completed in store to sign up. 

      Current list of guns available to rent:

      Rental Gun Prices: *If you shoot our firearms you must purchase our rounds to fire.

      • $15 - Single Rental
      • $25 - Unlimited Rentals. 


      Glock 48

      Glock 43x

      Glock 19 (Gen 5)

      Glock 19x

      Glock 42

      Glock 34

      Glock 17

      Glock 45

      Glock 44

      Glock 43

      Glock 42


      Glock 19

      Glock 21

      Glock 22 (Gen 4)

      Glock 34 (Gen 4)

      Glock 43

      Glock 17 (Gen 5)

      Glock 31 (Gen 4)

      Glock 20

      Glock 30 (Gen 4)

      Glock 40 (10mm)


      Glock 27 (Gen 4)

      SIG SAUER:

      P365 X-Macro (with sight)

      Sig 938

      Sig P226

      Sig P365 X-Macro

      Sig P320

      Sig P365 (.380)

      Sig P365 XL

      Sig P320 C

      Sig P320

      Sig P365 Legion

      Sig 1911XR

      Sig P226 Legion

      Sig P320 Legion


        Springfield Hellcat

        Springfield Echelon

        Springfield XD9


        Springfield XD9 Compact


        M&P 9 Shield Plus

        M&P M2.0 9mm

        S&W 380 Shield EZ

        M&P 9 Shield

        Canik TP9 Elite SC

        S&W 380 Shield EZ

        CZ:  P10C

        HK: VP9SK & VP9


        H&K VP9


        S&W M642

        S&W SD9 VE

        S&W M586.357


        Ruger LCP II

        Ruger Mark IV 22LR

        Ruger LCP MAX


        Ruger Max 9

        Ruger Security 9

        Ruger 5.7


        FNS 9

        Staccato: Staccato C

        CanikTP9 Elite SC

        Sccy: CPX-1

        Taurus: G2C

        Desert Eagle AE53


        • Savage 64
        • M&P-15 Sport 2
        • POF CMR 
        • Bravo Co  / Santan AR-1
        • Century Arms Draco
        • Spikes Tactical  AR15   /  Smith & Wesson M&P 15

        SAVAGE A22

        Savage MK II-F

        KSA Cricket

        Daniel Defense DDM4 V7

        SIG 516

        HK SP5 K-PDW

        POF P-15

        HK MR 556 A1

         Century Arms C308