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Handgun - Defensive

Handgun - Defensive

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Defensive Handgun is taught by our most advanced instructors. 

Todd Nielsen instruct this class. 

Defensive is in the name for a reason, it is critical for you to understand the premise of the "Proper Use of Force" doctrine in your decision making when using your firearm.

In this class we will build on the prior class fundamentals and your instructor will provide observations and suggestions to you regarding your technique, stance, grip etc,

This class will set up scenarios to expose you to many of the prior techniques but put them in a more real life, and require you to make split second decisions. 

This class will cover the following new concepts: 

  • Understanding and Using Proper Use of Force
  • Moving and Shooting with Real Life Scenarios
  • Split second Decision Making 
  • Drawing from the Holster
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • Justification of shoot - no shoot

Continued training of fundamentals will also be incorporated: 

  • Proper / Safe Handling
  • Holding and Grip of your firearm
  • Body Position / Stance
  • Refining your Sights use
  • Acquiring your Target more quickly and accurately 
  • Aim Improvement Techniques
  • Effective Movement Techniques  

Our professional staff will help you to become comfortable with the core fundamental skills of sight alignment, grip, stance, trigger squeeze, the use of a holster, and fixing malfunctions. We will introduce you to modern handgun fighting techniques, proper target acquisition and shot placement to effectively win an armed encounter. You will take home effective drills and techniques that you can use in your own training regime. 

INSTRUCTOR: Todd Nielsen

TIME COMMITMENT: 2 - 4-hour days (for a total of 8 hours) or (1 - 8 hour day)

PRICE: $250

SETTING: Classroom and Range

This class will start with on the range with a short safety briefing. While on the range you will: be in front of the regular shooting bays, using multiple targets, shooting from multiple locations, be drawing your firearm, moving while assessing the proper use of force, and understanding how you may justify the use of your firearm in a real life situation. 

The course will conclude with a debrief where instructors provide feedback and discuss next steps for each student. 



Participants must complete the Handgun 2 course and demonstrate proficiency in safety and technique, exceptions may be granted by the instructor prior to signing up if you have attended other training or have sufficient experience.


  • A properly functioning handgun
  • A proper fitting holster for that handgun
  • At least 3 magazines for that handgun (5 recommended if using simple stacked mags)
  • 300-500 Rounds of ammunition for that handgun
  • Magazine pouches for the magazine
  • Body armor if you would wear it while deploying a pistol
  • Sharpie type pen for marking targets
  • Pen and notepad for taking notes
  • Hat or other head covering
  • Gloves (Recommended but not mandatory)
  • Knee and elbow pads (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Footwear that you can stand in all day (boots are highly recommended)
  • Enough water to sustain you for the day


IWB (inside the waistband) and OWB (outside the waistband) holsters are acceptable. Your holster must be made specifically for the gun you’ll be using. For safety reasons the following holsters are NOT ALLOWED in class:

  • Blackhawk SERPA holsters
  • Cross-draw holsters
  • Ankle holsters
  • Belly band holsters
  • Fanny pack holsters
  • Off-body holsters
  • Small-of-back holsters
  • Shoulder holsters
  • Soft side collapsible holsters


Any Skills Maintenance Class or RG handgun 4 - Manipulations. 

Continuing on with our handgun course and moving into the manipulations is a natural progression to build your technique. 

The Manipulations course is designed to teach you effective hand and pistol movements, and build muscle memory around these movements. These techniques enhance your own and others safety and create effective use of your firearm if ever needed when timing amounts to everything. 

This also prepares you to attend our Low light class where memorization of these movements is even more critical when its completely dark, or you are blinded by something such as a flashlight or headlights.  

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