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Rifle 1 - Fundamentals

Rifle 1 - Fundamentals

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Our Rifle 1 fundamentals  course was created to help you get familiar with your own firearm, and feel comfortable using it, understanding the mechanics of the gun, being familiar with the way it feels in your own hands and how it reacts when you fire it.

We will cover the following material: 

  • How to determine and set a “zero” on your rifle.
  • Rifle safety best practices, nomenclature, muzzle awareness and cycle of operations.
  • Fundamentals of rifle manipulations.
  • Proper sight alignment.
  • Loading and unloading.
  • Managing recoil.
  • Body positioning. 
  • Rifle presentation drills
  • Target acquisitions
  • Vision training
  • Follow-up shots for target transitions

      TIME COMMITMENT: 2 - 3 hour days, (for a total of 6 hours)

      PRICE: $200

      SETTING: Range

      This is a two day/evening class; this class will be entirely on the range

      The class will be shooting in front of the normal shooting bay stalls, Eye and Ear protection must be worn at all times inside the range.



      • Ear protection
      • Eye protection
      • Suitable range attire
      • Closed toed shoes
      • AR-15 or equivalent (if you have an unconventional rifle, please ask first before signing up for the class)
      • Minimum 3 - 20+ round rifle magazines
      • Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition
      • Minimum of 1 rifle magazine pouch
      • Knee and elbow pads are highly recommended
      • Baseball style hat with brim
      • Collared / button up style shirt highly recommended
      • Water bottle for hydration


      This course is designed to ensure you have an adequate foundation and understanding of safety, handling, care, along with a new level of confidence in your ability handle and fire your Rifle. 

      This class will provide an environment where you can openly ask questions about anything regarding your firearm. Others attending will likely be novice and beginner shooters with limited experience, the material covered is designed to be non threatening and move at a pace that allows you to gain confidence and familiarity in your abilities. 


      After taking this course, participants will be prepared to take Rifle 2 where you will have some repetition of the above techniques along with learning movement techniques, multiple targets, loading and unloading while moving and shooting, body mechanics and follow on shots.  

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