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Handgun 2 - Movements

Handgun 2 - Movements

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This class builds from Handgun 1 and adds a number of new variations to build on the fundamentals

After reviewing safety fundamentals covered in the RG Handgun 1 course, this class will advance to moving & Shooting, introduce  drawing from the holster and concealment, and build on fundamental skills to help you gain more familiarity and confidence with your firearm. 

The class will cover the following new concepts: 

  • Moving & Shooting
  • Introductions to home defense 
  • Introduction to Drawing from the Holster or Concealment

Repetitive training of handgun 1 includes 

  • Safety Handling
  • Holding and Grip of your firearm
  • Eye Alignment 
  • Body Position / Stance
  • Refining your Sights use
  • Acquiring your Target more quickly and accurately 
  • Aim Improvement Techniques

TIME COMMITMENT: 2 – 4hr days (Total of 8 hours)

PRICE: $125

SETTING: Classroom & Range

This course will have a short safety briefing in the classroom on both days and then head into the range. 

You will be shooting in front of the regular range bays, using some of the range trays, your instructor will create multiple shooting paths. 

The class will end back in the classroom where you instructor will teach you how to  field strip your gun. 


PREREQUISITES: Must complete 1 of the following courses.

  • Basic pistol NRA course
  • Concealed Carry with Handgun 1
  • Women’s Handgun 1
  • If you have taken training from another instructor or organization, please contact a member of our team to review it and allow us to permit you into the class.  
  • Your safety and the safety of others is the upmost concern, if you can demonstrate your safety proficiency we will gladly make an exception on the prerequisites.   


  • Semi-Automatic pistol
  • Minimum 2 pistol magazines
  • 250 Rounds
  • Eyes & Ear Protection
  • Suitable Range Attire


After taking handgun 2 and demonstrating your proficiency in safety and technique, we welcome you to join our handgun 3 class also known as "defensive handgun". If at the end of taking this course you are not sure if you have grasped the techniques, please take a moment and speak to the instructor to see if they recommend you move on to the HG 3, or if you should attend a skills class to get more practice and build the needed skills.  

HG 3 - Defensive handgun introduces you to human pictured targets, good guy vs bad guy images and is designed to help prepare you mentally with decision making capabilities of assessing the proper use of force, justification for the use of your firearm, building on fundamental techniques while increasing the stress of the situations to allow for practice of a heightened encounters.

This will include moving and shooting and drawing from the holster, with split second decision making in a live round environment. 

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