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Community Class - Hand to Hand Combat - Defensive Concepts

Community Class - Hand to Hand Combat - Defensive Concepts

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This course explores the ideas, techniques and skills of Counter Offensive Concepts. 

The idea of strategic thinking, positions and movements before you are on the defensive. 

In our crazy world, you never know what you will encounter, be prepared with positions and moves in case you find yourself in harms way.  

We will cover: 

  • Body position, stance and location or proximity to an opponent
  • Defending yourself from an imminent threat.
  • Taking control of a bad situation.

Violence can escalate rapidly. Many people are under the misconception that they have to be assaulted to have a right to defend themselves.

In this course, we introduce concepts such as: taking control of an aggressor, force escalation protocols and expression of use of force when dealing with law enforcement.

Counteroffensive strategies can lead to disengagement or deployment if necessary. 

The instructor for this class is Patrick Odle who is an accomplished defensive combat trainer. He was also a nationally ranked wrestler in freestyle and a state level competitor in folk wrestling, has made a career out of personal security defensive training, providing security for others, and training the world elite security professionals, law enforcement and military.  

Learn how to handle a committed aggressor who is leaving you no other choice.

This class is available for ages 13 and up, the class is intended to have participants of different size and gender. 

Instructor: Patrick Odle

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours

Price: $35

Setting: Classroom and Fight mat

Maximum Number of Students: 20

Notes: All experience levels and ages 13 and older are welcome. There are no live fire or live edged weapons permitted in this course.

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