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Submission Grappling Wrestling - Tues/Thurs Class

Submission Grappling Wrestling - Tues/Thurs Class

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SUMMARY: This is an ongoing class that takes place ever tuesday and thursday evening from 5.30 - 6.30pm at ready gunner. 

The instructor for this class is Patrick Odle who is an accomplished combat trainer. He was also a nationally ranked wrestler in freestyle and a state level competitor in folk wrestling.  

The focus of this class is dealing with take down and submission techniques, while most submission classes start on the ground, this class focuses on gaining an advantage before you are on your back in a battle. 

This class is available for ages 13 and up, the class is intended to have participants of different size and gender. 

INSTRUCTOR: Patrick Odle


PRICE$20 (for a drop in)

Monthly memberships for $120 per month are available 

To sign up for a monthly program, we can handle in the store with an authorization form for automatic billing. If you sign up for a drop in class, we will prorate a monthly membership and credit your drop in fee towards your monthly fee.  

Monthly programs are managed on a month to month basis, No refunds are offered after the first class of the month. If you want to cancel your next moths billing, pls cancel prior to the start of the month. 

Classes are held ever Tuesday and Thursday




  • Mouthpiece
  • Athletic wear (sweatpants/athletic shorts)
  • Wrestling shoes are acceptable if not bare foot


In this class, you will learn the finer points of effective takedowns and takedown defense.

You will also learn how to hold a position of dominance on the ground to immobilize an aggressor. If need be, you will have the tools to submit or break the aggressor If subduing is not ideal or necessary.

This class is ideal for people who may have an aversion to striking someone, or work in an industry where control is necessary (LEO, Medical, Mental Health, or Youth).

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