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Our Handgun courses range from the most novice beginner classes to advanced technical home and self defense. Our Handgun 1- 5 courses build skill on top of one another and provide a progressive path to proficient firearm use.

There are many other hand gun courses in our specialty categories under Skills maintenance.

All Hand gun classes are focused on fundamentals of safety and best practices as you build your personal skill set.



Hand to Hand Combat

Available for all experience levels and ages. (13 and up for the weekly classes)

  • Check out our Submission, Take down, Defense and Edge weapon classes.

  • Classes occur every Tuessday and Thursday evenings from 5.30-9.00pm.

  • If you are looking for deescalation or defensive or aggression techniques you will find it all here.

  • Youth group, date night and specialty classes available.




Our rifle courses allow you to bring your own personal rifle and learn effective concepts ranging from zero setting your rifle to moving and shooting with multiple targets in a variety of scenarios from calm single shot exercises to fast paced high stress induced move and shoot scenarios.

The rifle courses 1-5 build upon one another as you learn and become proficient in each skill set.

Many of the Specialty classes incorporate the use of a rifle as well.




We have three women's only dedicated classes, Hangun 1, 2, and our weekly women's shooting club.

We recognize shooting may be intimidating, in these classes our curriculum matches up with our regular handgun 1 and 2 classes but are always taught by a female and are catered to move at a little slower pace with a more gentle approach in the training.




Our specialty classes offer a wide array of unique and micro focused classes on specific training topics.

The skills maintenance classes are designed as follow on classes to our regular inline handgun and rifle courses and provide in inexpensive and condensed timed class to practice the learned skills.

The specialty and skills classes are designed to provide the nuanced variations of skills and techniques while interacting with our highest level of instructors and receive feedback in real time to be able to make adjustments in a live fire setting to build your proficiency and skill set.


    Todd retired as a full time police officer in August 2015.

    He started his law enforcement career in 1990 with the San Jose Police Department.

    During his tenure, Todd has served in many Special Operations units which consisted of a convert and plain clothed Narcotic Enforcement, Critical Incident Teams, Rapid Containment Teams, Crowd Control and also doing High-Risk Warrant Service with his department and in conjunction with other local SWAT teams.

    He has been a Field Training Officer (FTO) for over 10 years and AR-15 Operator (Specialist) for over 17 years.

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    Patty is a USCCA certified instructor with a background in corporate training. She first entered the firearms world after experiencing a a situation that made her realize she was responsible her own personal safety. 

    Patty believes it is a “game changer” to have the confidence that comes from being skilled with a firearm and refusing to be a victim.

    As an instructor, Patty guides her students through their introduction to firearms with a safe, supportive, low-pressure learning environment to help them go from hesitant beginners to confident, empowered gun owners who are capable of protecting themselves and their families.

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    Patrick is a dedicated teacher and student of defense. His lineage and training is extensive, his commitment unmatched, and his teaching skills exceptional.  

    Training with Patrick you don’t just get basics in one art, you get a cultivated understanding and comprehension of defense.  

    He is dedicated to developing capable, empowered, and mindful students. This leads to a teaching style that develops situational response and practical skillsets to improve a student’s capacity to adapt and perform in an increasingly dangerous world.

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    Erik was first introduced to firearms over 50 years ago, when his father taught him to shoot trap, skeet and rifle. Ultimately, this turned into a lifelong support of the shooting sports, eventually leading becoming a firearms instructor.  Currently, Erik holds multiple Instructor and Range Safety Officer Certifications with the NRA and USCCA.   Erik also recently became an instructor with the school safety program ‘Fight Back Nation’.

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    Woody Cannon has been around firearms all his life. Woody has been teaching firearms skills for over 3 decades. He is an NRA training Counselor and certified in rifle, pistol, shotgun, muzzle loading firearms, Personal Protection both Inside and Outside the Home, and NRA Defensive Pistol and Concealed Carry Instructor. He is also a certified reloading instructor.  He is a BSA Merit Badge counselor and continues to teach several youth firearms training programs.

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