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Rifle 5 - Low Light

Rifle 5 - Low Light

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Rifle5 is our most challenging course in our Rifle series, one must complete Rifle 3 and 4 or the equivalent and demonstrate effective proficiency to participate.  

This course is taught by our most advanced instructors. 

Fighting in a diminished light capacity is nothing short of difficult.  

In the modern world, there are low lite areas even in broad daylight. These shadows and dark spots are a prime location for an adversary to attack you.

Proper identification of an assailant is an integral part of any armed encounter. The use of a light will assist with that proper identification in periods of darkness. This course is designed to teach you the core skills of working with a pistol and multiple kinds of flashlights. .

This course is based on hundreds of hours in the field with just the use of illumination devices.

We will NOT be using night vision optics in this course.

In this class we will build on the prior class fundamentals and your instructor will provide observations and suggestions to you regarding your technique, stance, grip etc,

This class will set up scenarios to expose you to many of the prior techniques but put them in a new variant of little to no light along with blinding light. 

This class will cover the following new concepts: 

  • Shooting from concealment, cover and barricades
  • Using a light in combination with your gun
  • Moving and Shooting in the Dark 
  • Effective Decision Making with Shadows and Low Visibility 
  • Stress Testing your Capabilities with Timed Drills

Repetitive training of fundamentals will also be incorporated: 

  • Safety Handling.
  • Holding and Grip of your firearm.
  • Eye Alignment. 
  • Body Position / Stance.
  • Refining your Sights use.
  • Acquiring your Target more quickly and accurately. 
  • Aim Improvement Techniques.
  • Effective movement Techniques.  

INSTRUCTOR: Todd Nielsen and supporting team members

TIME COMMITMENT: 2 - 4-hour days (for a total of 8 hours)

PRICE: $250

SETTING: Classroom and Range

This class will start with a short safety briefing and move directly into the range. You will be in front of the regular shooting bays, using multiple targets and shooting from multiple locations, using barricades, moving all shooting all the while in a variety of low and no light situations, and using a hand held and mounted light. 

Day two will be more of the same as day one with more evaluation from the instructors to identify needed improvements for safety, accuracy, speed and effectiveness.

The course will end with a debrief in the classroom where the instructors will discuss next steps for each student. 



Participants must complete the Rifle 3 and 4 course and demonstrate proficiency in safety and technique.

Exceptions may be granted by the instructor prior to signing up if you have attended other training or have sufficient experience.


  • Eye protection
  • Electronic hearing protection
  • A properly functioning rifle  - You may use any AR variant, AK variant or M1A in this course
  • A quality Sling
  • A mounted Light 
  • A hand held EDC light 
  • Minimum of 3 magazines 
  • 300 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Magazine Pouches for the magazines
  • Sharpie type pen for marking targets
  • Pen and notepad for taking notes
  • Gloves (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Sturdy Footwear 
  • Functional range attire
  • Body armor if you would wear it while deploying a carbine


Any Skills Maintenance or Specialty Class. If you complete all 5 of our rifle courses we've designed a host of shorter concise classes to help refine your skill and keep you up to date with the skills you've learned.  

Our skills maintenance classes are designed to be focused on a given technique and run through drills and scenarios to build muscle memory around the skills and provide an opportunity for an instructor to watch and observe your technique and provide real time feedback for improvements. 

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