Collection: Hand to Hand - Defense

Ready Gunner hosts it Self Defense and Hand to hand combat classes in partnership with Patrick Odle from MCC Defense to provide instruction and training. 

Patrick is a skilled practitioner of multiple disciplines of martial arts and combat skills.

His unique approach of combining numerous types of fighting styles with real world experience brings the best of all worlds together in his trainings.  

Patrick currently trains individual active duty military forces, has trained special force members from Rangers, and Airborne units, consults and trains entire law enforcement departments along with numerous active duty officers. 

MCC Defense services the Department of Defense with contracts with the Army Intelligence providing training to Embassy Security Details and other Special operators.  

While not training with individuals and organizations, Patrick spend time working with the Children's International Foundations fighting human trafficking and child exploitation. His hand to hand experience comes from real world experiences and scenarios.  

Please browse the Class offerings for specific details about each class. 

Classes are regularly scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evening 

5.30-6.30pm - Take down and submission class

6.30-7.30pm - Edge weapons class

7.30-9.00pm - Mastro Defense class

Classes can be taken individually, or can you can join for an entire evening of training. 

Monthly training contracts are also available at a discounted rate of approximately $10- $15 per class per month.