Collection: HANDGUN


The following is a path for those who are starting from scratch. The classes taken in the order below are designed as a progressive path to proficiency. 

If you have already gone through other training programs (ours or others), experienced and proficient and want to join the advanced classes, you may attend those without coming through the core classes. (please review the prerequisites on those class descriptions to ensure you qualify) 

We hope to see you soon in the classroom and range.

1. Beginner Handgun - This is for people who have never held a gun, are scared of it, or need and want the most basic instruction. You will learn how to hold, load, rack, shoot and, store and safely handle and fire your handgun. 

(if you have shot before, feel comfortable shooting by your self but want to start a training program, take handgun 1)

2. Handgun 1 Fundamentals - This class is for people that have held a gun before, shot multiple times, but have never had any formal safety training and want to understand and learn the formal safety protocols and techniques. 

Learn how to hold, stand, get on target and will leave the class feeling confident using your handgun. 

3. Handgun 2 Movements - For people who are comfortable with the basics of firing a handgun and wish to become more accurate, draw from a holster and build on existing understanding and skill level. Most important is learning how to move, carrying, drawing, and basic movements while firing, all the while increasing accuracy and refining core shooting practices. 

The classes above are designed for those who need a core curriculum that will move at a pace that will ensure your have the skills needed for the advanced and quick moving classes below. Classes below move from one drill to another have a tendency for beginners to feel overwhelmed, ultimately risking basic safety.  

4. Handgun Defensive - For those who are comfortable with a semi-automatic handgun, know how draw, load, get on target, shoot with some accuracy but want the drills with live feedback to hone those skills.

This class has 250-400 holster draws and rounds down range in front of the firing line. Many different courses of fire and drills.

The largest difference in this class is its design to address how you interact with a potential threat, courses above are dealing with mechanics of use, this class addresses a more real world approach of use. 

5. Handgun Manipulations - This course builds on the prior classes and trains on basic and advanced natural and technical movements, strong and support, dominant and non dominant hand movements. Handling malfunctions, loading and re-loaning techniques and much more.       

6. Handgun - Low Light - Once you have the the skills of the classes above, try doing it in the dark, or while someone is shining a light in your eyes or with shadows blocking your clear site.