Collection: HANDGUN

We suggest taking the following classes in order to continue progressing with your handgun skills. 

1. Pick your Gun - come to the store, shoot all of our range hand guns. 

2. Beginner Handgun - This is for people that have never held a gun. You will learn how to hold, load, store and safely fire your handgun.  

3. Handgun 1 - This is for people that have held a gun before but are not comfortable. You will learn how to hold, stand, get on target and will leave the class feeling very comfortable with your handgun. 

4. Handgun 2 - This is for people have are pretty comfortable with the basics of firing a handgun and wish to become more accurate. You will learn various techniques to help you increase accuracy and common shooting practices. 

5. Handgun 3 - (defensive handgun) - This is for people that are very comfortable with a semi-automatic handgun and frequently conceal carry. You will learn how to draw your weapon, engage a threat, and be as accurate as possible. 

6. Handgun 4 - CQB - Close Quarters Battle.

7. Handgun 5 - Low Light Fundamentals.